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You have elected to complete your PAR MLS Orientation online. Please read the following information to ensure you complete BOTH portions of the online Orientation.



To get started with Paragon Academy login to Paragon and choose the HELP button in the upper right-hand corner, then choose Paragon Academy. You will need to register to get started. You will find the Access Code in the instructions once you click on Paragon Academy. Copy this Access Code so that you can paste it in when you register.










Leave the Student Number blank and fill out all remaining information, including the password you wish to use with the system. Click on Confirm.



Sign in with your username and password.











Click on the MY TRAINING blue button.













Paste the Access Code that you copied earlier.

Select Paragon Academy to begin the course.




















You can finish the course at your own pace as the program will remember where you stopped and start you at the same place. Once you are finished with Paragon Academy you will receive a certificate. Please forward that certificate to







To receive an invitation to Lessonly, you must send an email to and request a Lessonly invitation.

You will receive an invitation via email from Lessonly. Once you login to Lessonly you will see the assignment which consists of videos and short quizzes. Once you are done with the assignment in Lessonly, you will not receive a certificate however, you will need to email us at to let us know when you have completed Lessonly.


If you do not receive the invitation from Lessonly in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.


Please note that we will not mark you as completed until we receive the Paragon Academy certificate and are notified you have completed Lessonly.


If you have any questions, please contact the MLS Department at 850-434-5507.

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